I am covering an assignment given to me by my Painting course.

For our first still life, we worked on basic shapes and shadows.

We worked with two colors, white and black. We were allowed to mix the two with a medium to add depth and detail.

We started out by sketching a few images. This was the first time I had both drawn and painted for many years. It has been quite the challenge, I did not expect painting to be so difficult.

Throughout my sketching and painting I could tell that my lack of confidence was showing. I approached the piece with subtle softness and abstract depth.

Everything looked like a blur, as pointed out by one of my classmates. I would agree, my -7.5 eye vision could have played a part in this perception.

I worked with quite a few different values as I was indecisive about how to approach the shadows. My shapes did not turn out to be sized correctly, so that may have affected my ability to control the depth.