Still Life #2

For my second project I did another still life, however this time I added more color and depth to the objects. I used a vase, an eight ball, and a trash can as my objects because they were the most visible from my perspective. I did not go off of a sketch for this project, instead using paint the entire time. When I began, I had the three objects painted with a warm red hue, which you can see underlying the eight ball and the vase. I think it has created a unique tone that blends in well with the background. This project enhanced my painting abilities drastically, and I now feel a lot more confident in my approach. If I were to do this project again I would approach it from a new angle just so that I can have a new take on the scene.

I used grisaille techniques here that are similar to the first project. This allowed me to build depth and value that shaped the atmosphere of the painting. To overcome most of my challenges on this project, I had to dedicate a lot more time into it. I am still fairly new to painting so my skills are very underdeveloped, but this turned out a lot better than I imagined it would. I think my biggest difficulty was with shadows, I am still not very impressed with the eight balls shadow on the vase, it could use more work. However I do believe it has been both an enriching experience and exercise working on these still life projects. They help build fundamental and basic ideas that can enrich my ability to progress my artistic abilities.

You will also notice a new glazing technique in this painting which involved a medium called Liquin. When added as a mixture between colors it created abstract properties. It is most vividly noticed within the vase, and I quite enjoy the depth it has added. This medium was a bit different from the linseed oils used in the previous painting, which was more useful for combining two colors. I would definitely work with both mediums again as they can add different values to the painting.