There are many reasons why a programmer might prefer the Linux operating system over others. It is very user-friendly for coders, and comes packed with many useful tools. 

Six reasons why you should use Linux

  1. You will not have to test on the host operating system because you will already be working on it.
  2. You won’t have a 10% CPU usage hit at all times just to run anti virus software. I don’t have to have a 85% CPU usage hit at some predetermined hour of the work day so that the virus software can update itself for 45 mins.
  3. You will have ALL of the tools needed to get the job done because they are usually written on Linux first.
  4. You can install new software instantly.
  5. The system is not slower after multiple years of use because of registry getting huge. Your HDD will not run low either.
  6. The hard disk is not full because most of the software isn’t huge.