My husky Fate ~

I trust my dog more than most humans to be honest. He’s my baby.

But unfortunately he has to be kept on a leash when we’re out for walks. (I’ll take off the leash and let him run around in secluded areas)

This is because he LOVES meeting new people, so much so that he wants to jump on them. This is not okay, especially if I’m not familiar with the person.

Their unpredictable behavior can cause a lot of issues, so we have to control them and keep them safe.

I’m not going to say that dogs are not as trustworthy as humans, because frankly there are a LOT of humans that are vile and evil. My dogs motives are pure, all he wants to do is lick your face and be rewarded with treats!

It would be nice to live in a world where everyone could co-exist peacefully. Until that day comes, I will continue to enjoy cuddling up to my husky at night.