Discussing life during and after college at Ottawa University

Before attending Ottawa University I had just graduated from high-school. I knew that I would be coming to Ottawa because it is part of my native culture. I am Ottawa Indian and typically live in Oklahoma near many of my tribal members. I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to major in before coming to Ottawa, I figured I would decide along the way. I browsed my options on the class portal and decided I would pursue a financial route. I wanted to be an entrepreneur, to create my own businesses. I am very driven towards creating content, sharing ideas, and promoting growth in the areas that I am interested in. So the major I selected was Business Administration. Now I have developed skills in many areas such as accounting, book-keeping, database and customer management, affiliate marketing, investing, website development, music composition, drawing and painting. I want to experience many things in life, so I have become a well-rounded individual.

Outside of college I don’t particularly want to work for anyone but myself. I know that I can succeed with all the tools, knowledge, and skills that I have gained throughout the past 5 years. I plan on continuing to invest in technology, businesses, and crypto-currencies for a very long time. Most success is built on taking risks and investing in what you believe in. I have plans to open a dispensary in Oklahoma once it is legalized, I have many partnerships that want to join me in this project. It is fully designed and prepared for me once the opportunity arises, but for now I will continue to develop websites, invest, and share content. I also have plans for the near future that involve live streaming my music improvisation and covers on websites such as Twitch, YouTube, and NewPrelude. Playing piano is one of my greatest passions and pleasures, it is a gateway to creativity and relaxation.

My family plays a very important part of my life. We are very close on my mom’s side, I tend to live with my grandma most of the time. She needs me there to take care of her and keep her company, we have been going through a lot of difficulties involving loved ones in the past few years. It has been very stressful and depressing, which is one reason why we brought in a new member of the family, my husky Fate. His excitement and love for us keeps our energies flowing, allowing us to share more happy moments together.

I have many uncertainties about life, but I do have many beliefs as well. I believe that there is a God, a creator. We our God’s little creations that he has gifted with life. We are blessed to exist and be together. Many people take this existence for granted however, spreading violence, hatred, jealousy, fighting amongst each other. This is wrong, sinful, but human. It is in our nature to be human, for we were created in God’s image. We must spread God’s love, his message of compassion, all he asks is for you to love him in return. I do have my own personal theories about existence after life, and even before life. I do believe that I existed before this life, how else would I have arrived here? I believe that we exist for eternity and that our existence is shaped by our accomplishments throughout life. Therefore, I want to become successful, to grow, and to share with everyone what I enjoy doing.

I do work out in my free time to stay fit. I go on runs every night with my husky Fate because he has so much energy. He’s faster than me now though so it’s hard for me to keep up. I also do some weight lifting, and I do a lot of piano playing. I spend anywhere from 2-7 hours each day practicing. I improvise, sight read, listen to tunes, compose, and perform for Jazz Ensembles, Jazz Combos, and live audiences on Twitch and YouTube. It truly is a lot of fun, and I would spend the rest of my life doing it if I am granted such an opportunity.


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