New Prelude

10 Words You’ve Never Heard Before

Today I decided to mess around and expand my vocabulary. Here are the words I learned!

Hyponym – a word of more specific meaning than a general or super-ordinate term applicable to it. For example, spoon is a hyponym of cutlery.

Amniomancy –  a method of divination whereby the future life of a child is predicted from the caul covering their head at birth. The color and consistency of the caul are used to interpret the future.

Zappy – lively, energetic

Enteral – (chiefly of nutrition) involving or passing through the intestine, either naturally via the mouth and esophagus, or through an artificial opening.

Yeasty – characterized by or producing upheaval or agitation; in a state of turbulence, typically a creative or productive one.

Kef – a substance, especially cannabis, smoked to produce a drowsy state.

Unzymotic – Fabulous

Hamartiologya branch of Christian theology, is the study of sin.

Glebe – a piece of land serving as part of a clergyman’s benefice and providing income.

Chthonian – concerning, belonging to, or inhabiting the underworld.



They are pretty strange huh? This is where I found the Random Words.

Check it out if you want to find some interesting words you’ve never heard before.