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Things To Do On Sick Days

We have all had those days where, well we just ended up feeling under the weather or completely out of it. So you cant go to school or work so then what can you do? I am BritesDiamond and here are a few things you can do on your sick days.

So if your sick and your at home with nothing to do then step one is already complete. So why not sleep in a little later than you usually do. Nothing is better for your body than some slumber. But after all that is said and done. Maybe your just bored and you can’t keep your eyes closed any longer.

Step two, watch your favorite show on Hulu or Netflix. Sick days are a good day to get all that binge you were craving out of your system. So why not put on a longer series and watch a couple seasons. chances are you’ll be sick again the next day right? So you can just do it all over again.

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Another thing I’ll find myself doing on my sick days is….. just playing video games. If you don’t want to go outside and its too bright and since your immune system is weaker. Maybe you don’t have to be outside to be outside. Play Skyrim, and explore ancient ruins, build a house, jump off the edge of a waterfall and kill dragons. If your not into Skyrim then there are tons of other options. From open world games, to platformers, I guess pretty much anything you want is out there now. Playing a good game of sims is fun too.

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A bubble bath – pretty self explanatory. Just put on some music in the background. Throw a couple bath bombs and a few cucumbers on your eyes and you have the most relaxing thing you could do on your sick days. Nothing feels better.

Making a magazine collage. It is time consuming but it can be fun. Pretty much all you do is cut out pictures of people in a magazine and try to make your own scene out of it. Think like you would when your working in Photoshop. Where else are you gonna see a giant head of The Rock and Ricky Gervais coming out of his nose?

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So what do you do on your sick days? Let me know in the comments and maybe I can try a few of your ideas out as well. Well back to my sick day. Thanks!