New Prelude

Antique Currencies

Lately I have been investing in all sorts of currencies such as silver, gold, bank notes, cryptos, etc. I am going to share with you why I do this, and how you can collect these currencies as well!

It is obvious that antique items gain value over time, but why is this the case? Think of it as a collection of values. It feels good holding on to physical value, especially when you have a wide variety of valuable items. Currencies are one form that can increase in value because of their rarity.

1953 and 1963 $2 Bills set of 2 Old US Currency with Red Seal Nice Condition

These $2 bills are now worth $20. Imagine if you had collected these and stashed them away for all this time. You would have gained 10x profit! Isn’t that incredible? Just for holding on to these physical bills you would have been making passive income.

1864 Two Cent Piece Old US Civil War Antique Copper Coin

Better yet, imagine turning two cents into $22! That is a massive amount of profit! These coins will only continue to go up in value in the future, because they are collectable antiques that are no longer manufactured. You can expect to see these coins at a value of $200-$1,000 within a span of 20 years. This is why it’s so much fun to collect them!

HU 1450-1620 Hungary Madonna with Child Antique Hungarian Silver Coin Denar Very Good

And wow… look at these ancient coins, from the 1400’s! It’s incredible how we have always had some forms of currencies for making transactions.

This is why it is so important for our generations to invest in Bitcoin and other Crypto-Currencies. These coins are the future of our economy. We are digitalizing currencies and transforming the way we buy and sell goods. It is incredible how far we have come with technology. I encourage everyone to start investing, it really is an important part of developing wealth in our society.

1 oz Silver Bars

Gold Bars