This is my painting for the third class project.



In this painting I worked with different types of paints. I applied an acrylic under-layer when I began this painting. I did not know where it was going to take off, I just added a mixture of blues and purples and whites. It worked well for me at first. I would definitely recommend using the acrylic paints in the future. I did use the mediums that I used in the previous paintings as well because they worked out so well. I was also able to try out the new impasto butter which is why the whites have such a rough appearance. I did not expect the image to come out the way it did. Some people say it looks like an eye, while others have noticed it looks like a leaf. I believe it is up to the interpretation of the viewer to decide how it looks.

As you can tell in the image the paint is still wet from the day I was working on it, it gives it more of a in-the-moment look because I had just finished working on it. It’s a lot different than the other paintings because it wasn’t a still life image. It is entirely original and I don’t really even know what it is. The direction of my brush strokes turned it into what it is. I liked adding swirls to the center, I even considered doing it throughout the entirety of the painting.

I didn’t really choose a specific subject, I just started painting without even thinking about it. I chose colors that I really liked and tried to blend them together in a nice way. I just wanted it to be calming to look at, and I do believe I achieved this affect for the background. My inspiration was mainly just from the colors I selected and the direction of my brush strokes. I had no clear objective for the painting before I started working on it. I hope you enjoy it.