This is a topic that is constantly discussed on social media. Everyone wants to know if Bitcoin is a good investment. After all, the value is merely a speculation correct? Well, that’s what society tends to believe. We speculate on value because we intend to invest in the future in hopes that the future is profitable.

So under what situations would Bitcoin not be deemed as profitable? Well that would occur when the technology, goals and ideas, and community become obsolete, or abandoned.

From my perspective, Crypto-Currencies are still in their infancy. This is technology we have yet to fully understand and transition into. Mass adoption towards these currencies has not taken place yet, and for a number of reasons.

Some of these reasons might include uncertainty, doubt, or panic. But these emotions are typical in any type of marketplace. No-one wants to lose value, everyone wants to gain value over time. This is why buying low and selling high is sought after by most investors. However, 90% of investors tend to buy high and sell low because they begin to panic and believe that they will lose all of their earnings.

This is a ridiculous outcome for someone that believes in the technology. Why would you invest in a speculative project if you’re just going to abandon it, and lose money at the same time? It’s nonsense. If you want to survive in this environment, you have to remain calm and collected. The market will ALWAYS fall. The market will ALWAYS rise. There will always be buyers and sellers in this market, nothing will ever change that.

The only thing you can do is put aside your doubts and come to your own conclusions on the matter. Bitcoin is the greatest opportunity for developing wealth in our generation. It is the next step towards revolutionizing currency and making it both sustainable and easy for processing and exchanging goods. I’ve already made the transition away from banks and towards this independent form of management. I hope you will follow us into the future as we advance as a species and change the world.

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