Investing In Crypto-Currencies Is The Greatest Opportunity For Future Generations

To begin funding your Bitcoin wallet you will need to join Coinbase. You can join from the link posted below.

Coinbase Exchange

Next, you will need to link your bank account in order to make purchases. Coinbase is safe, secure, and anonymous.

After you have funded your Bitcoin wallet, you may want to explore other coins. If you enjoy high-risk/high-reward investments, I have several great suggestions for marketplaces and altcoins. Start by joining Cryptopia, it is an exchange similar to Coinbase, however it offers a wide variety of altcoins that have very low market caps (which means they have the greatest potential to increase your overall profit).

Cryptopia Exchange

Once you are registered on Cryptopia you will be able to view all of their different altcoins on their exchanges. One of my personal favorite coins is MarsCoin, if you want to be an early investor in this project be sure to make a purchase!

Background Information

Bitcoin is a massive project that has changed the way we view our economy. Bitcoin is designed to eliminate the middle-man (banks) in transactions.

Why would we want to stop using banks? Allow me to explain.

Banks are too slow, and too expensive. If you want to transfer a large sum of money to a client, you will be charged a hefty fee by your bank. The transfer can also take weeks before it reaches your client. However, with Bitcoin your transaction will occur instantly without a hefty fee from the banks.

Banks take your money and invest it, without giving you any percentage of their gains. Doesn’t seem very fair does it?

Technology is rapidly growing, which means that we need to find more ingenious ways to manage transactions. Bitcoin can be the solution to our problems. It is set up for global acceptance, and can be used anywhere by anyone.